Friday, November 2, 2007

yet another sleepless night post...

wah seh...i really shouldn't have too much of these sleepless night posting, furthermore each one is whereby i need to work the next day.

but i feel more relief now that i've received an answer. i've been thinking alot or thinking too much recently about a gal, tat i even dream of her these few nights. yup, she's the one who "kiss" me before.

for a long time finally i've gathered enough courage to tell her my feeling for her. i was afraid previously because i cherish the friendship alot and i was afraid if i am too greedy and cross the line i might severe or lose this friendship. but then i think that if i didn't tell her how i feel, i may regret it for the rest of my life.

so, finally i've said it to her. and i've received an answer. and the answer is that my status quo is still single. at least we are still gud frens;) at least i've finally managed to lift up the heavy rock that is inside my heart. at least i'm still far better than 樱木花道's record of 50 straight rejection from gals>_<

hmm...which made me think as i try to self evaluate myself. Am i the type of guy tat is too kind to gals that gals would want to be gud fren with but not till the extend of being consider as lover? cos i've came to this conclusion a few times. hmm....hey i think tis may be an serious issue tat i need self evaluation. if you guys have any comment for me, please tell me so that i can improve.

or like they say gals like bad guys more? haha but i'm a good guy and i would still stick to it. ohh.... did i say i'm a good guy? sorry, correction. i'm still improving.

k lar....dun think too much liao. still need to work 2molo:)

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