Thursday, November 1, 2007

I love you~

recently i've seen this mtv while i'm surfing channels, usually i would skip mtv's by singers that i'm not familiar with, but when i heard this song, it made me stop and listen.

this beautiful song entitled "i love you" is from 陳偉聯. the song's very touching and sad too. he's the winner of a singing contest in singapore and won by overwhelming votes, and furthermore, believe me or not. he's blind. yes. blind. it's very inspiring to see what he can do to bravely to live his dream.

i hope it would ispired you guys too. recommend it to your friends, it's definitely a good song:)


  1. Kwang Houg,
    I know this singer from a friend also. I manage to download the song and listen to him. He really sings well, sing with heart. I was pity with him during promotion time at that contest. He had to pose in front of the camera with difficulty as he is blind. He was stress out that time. 加油,陳偉聯.

  2. yeah...all the best to this very inspirational singer:)