Friday, November 23, 2007

Fish Leong (梁靜茹) - 崇拜

my friend introduce me a very nice song which is "崇拜" from Fish Leong's new album. i listen very carefully to the lyrics and melody with my earphones and not doing other things beside listening. wow~, it's such a nice and sad songT_T. you know it's those type of song that if you listen to it on radio late nite, you'll feel very lonely and sad (but you'll still love the song cos it's very touching)

when i see the music video whereby fish sing and shouted thru the hole on the wall, it makes me feel that she's very lonely and have nobody to talk to so wat she can only do to release their sadness is to shout and sing through the hole on the wall.. wah seh...maybe i think too much.

but inside the mv i find it weird to use the story of a young woman falling in love for an old man. haha, cos i find it very difficult for me to imagine a love relationship with someone tat is old enuf to be your grandma or grandpa.

here the video and lyrics, enjoy:)

你的姿态你的青睐 我存在在你的存在
你以为爱就是被爱 你挥霍了我的崇拜

我活了 我爱了 我都不管了 心爱到疯了恨到算了就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了 幸福好不容易怎麼你却不敢了呢

我还以为我们能 不同於别人
我还以为不可能的 不会不可能

你的姿态你的青睐 我存在在你的存在
你以为爱就是被爱 你挥霍了我的崇拜

风筝有风海豚有海 我存在在我的存在

所以明白 所以离开 所以不再为爱而爱 自己存在 在你之外


  1. Hey man, thanks for singing that 2 song that saved my sanity during the dinner on Friday night. :)

  2. oh..haha

    thanks man:)

    actually i need to thanks the uncle that sing and dance around the stage, he made me feel less kinteo.

  3. on a more serious note, your voice is really excellent.

  4. oh haha thanks a bunch:)

    really appreciate it, i'll work harder:)