Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paintball in Kuching~~~

image taken from here

"over~over~ paintball confirmed this sunday 12 noon!"

this is what i received from my friend's sms:P

There's a place to play Paintball in Kuching and it's only open for like 6 month and it's starting to attract more crowds. The place is situated at Pasir Pandak, somewhere on the way to Damai. The outdoor paintball field's area is about the size of two basketball court. The area is covered with dry short grass and full of obstacles for players to hide. It even have a bridge in the middle of the area with a small river that separate and mark each team's territory.

the rule of the game is simple enough. each team start from their home base and must blast their way through untill they eliminate every member of the opposite team. if one team member got shot, the bullet from the paint ball would burst into paint, indicating that they're dead and out of the game. this continue untill the last man standing or if they manage to capture the enemy's flag at home base.

we've played for 3 rounds and it last about 2 hours (including resting periods). haha all our team members got eliminated on the first round. but we won the second and third round. it was very very exhausting but exciting at the same time. it's very hard to describe the thrill and fun of exchanging fire and charging into the next obstacles hoping not to get hit.

Ngaiti it does hurt when the ball hit you on the part that is not protected by the head mask or body vest. i received 2 hit on left shoulder and 1 hit on my right leg. one thing that made the game very exhausting is because of the head mask. although the head mask protect your life in the game but at the same time, it's also very suffocating as you would be very excited in the game, causing some difficulty in breathing. at many times i would want to take the mask off and breath some fresh air but it is strictly prohibited in the field. They would be four Marshalls or referee inside the field to uphold the rules of the game and ensure the safety of the players.

overall despite the pain of my legs that i need to endure for 3 days after the game due to overstressing the muscles, it was very fun and i would recommend everyone to try this game!

haha will upload the photos after i've received it from my friend:)

so here's the video taken by a brave soul and they even posted it up in youtube.


  1. yo... this pic reminds me of our regular CS session at m3 n sabarkas on sat during f3,f4 n f5 haha

  2. haha, yalo, missed those days...

    playing paintball is like playing CS in real life, except there's only one type of gun available, n no grenades:P

    ngaiti the feeling of to kill or to be kill while you're inside the paintball field really makes you kinteo and excited:)

  3. i wan to play...expensive?

    write more bout it mah.

  4. oh paiseh, haha it's RM45 per head. i played for around 2 hours, 3 rounds.

    come 2 think of it, it's quite expensive, but for the sake of tyring something new, i think it's worth it lo.

  5. Kwang houg, RM45, is it for 2 hours game? sounds very exciting...^^

  6. yeah when u fire the paint gun, it would produce some recoil like a real gun!

    3 rounds of game lasted around 2 hours, including the briefing and short resting period.

    but i think u'll need to get enough people for discount. i paid RM45 because we have 10 ppl. so it's a 5 VS 5 match.

    need to book first if you're interested to play. they usually open the field at weekend only.

  7. Do you have a contact number?

    I am very interested in participating!

    Please e-mail me at bolehbit at

    Thanks guys!

  8. oh...

    please contact mr. sim tiang kie

    016-8537620, 013-8168372