Tuesday, November 6, 2007

one week of alang-alang soar throat and coffing

It’s been a week of alang-alang coffing and sore throat for me. I thought it would cure but it did not so I’ve finally went to the clinic to take medication. Aiyo…when think of that, I’ve should have long gone to clinic, then no need to suffer for one week. Maybe I’m too confident with my health or antibody that I would be able to fight off the germs but it turns out that maybe I’m not good or healthy as i was before in secondary school?

By the terms of suffer, I don’t mean the suffering of the throat but for the fact that I couldn’t be able to sing a complete song during that time. for me, singing is a hobby and a way to release stress or a form of expressing myself. so this week, without my voice, i think i'm less happy by 10% haha. haha i do actually feel that way.

when it's at the more serious stage, i even find it hard to finish a sentence. sometime to the extend of talking half way then suddenly i lose my voice. haha, this week i don't know how many fisherman's friend or woods i've taken. i found that wood's extra strong seems more suitable for me as it's more strong, stronger than fisherman.

actually somewhere at the beginning of the week, i'm still able to go sing k. but of course also cannot preform as good. but strangely once you held the mic. in your hand, it seems like magic and when the music start you would magicly push the soar throat and coffing away temporary to sing. haha, although i think my coffing and soar throat went a bit worsen after the k, but for singing lover like me, it's worth it! >_<

by the time i'm typing this, i think i'm cured already as i am able to sing a complete song now ahhaha. i'm learning a song called 你是我的眼 by 蕭煌奇. it's a blind singer from taiwan. the song is popularize by 林宥嘉, the winner from the popular taiwan singing competition, 超級星光大道. haha hope to sing it at k next time, the lyrics also very touching. before i've seen the lyrics, i've never think from a blind man's point of view regarding love, so it's quite an eye opener and helps me to understand more about their feeling.

haha, anyway i'm quite happy again now that i could sing again. welcome back my voice!:)

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