Saturday, February 2, 2008

first time went to a dinner where i duno anyone~

well, there's always a first time for everything.

this post is about the first time i attended a dinner whereby i don't know anyone. it was a company dinner organized by a supplier of our company. my boss happen to be not in town, so he asked my manager to go. my manager who happen to don't know the place as he's not local, asked me to go on behalf of him instead.

i tried to reject but failed miserably. so here i am, going to a company dinner whereby i don't know anyone. the supplier company only reserved one seat for my company. i was thinking of not going, as it would be very boring if i don't know anyone there, besides i'm not good at socializing with strangers.

when i arrived at the dinner hall at merdeka palace, i was suprise that there's no one at the entrance to usher people. so i just when in, oh... and luckily i remember to that i need to find the parking chop so help myself by choping the stamp on my parking ticket so that i just need to pay for the 1st hour.

i was suprise later to see that it was free seating, so i was thinking since they wouldn't know that if i attend, maybe i can leave? but nolah...i arrived already, just sit and enjoy the dinner.

it's very pai seh..embarrassed to sit with a table full of people you don't know. but at least we did manage to have some small conversation along the dinner. i choose the table at the very corner close to the toilet. and i suddenly realize that the best place to see people (especially girls) is actually at the table nearest to the toilet as they would surely pay a visit there at least once.

as the dinner progress, i heard people start to sing karaoke. OMG, my heart actually feel itchy and wana go up there and sing! but later i think that it's very embarrassed for me to go, if i went up, other people would be asking "who the heck is this guy? is he a free loader?"

so i think...hmmm...ok, i wouldn't go sing, if people didn't ask me to. then a few minutes later, the aunties at my table told me "young people, you should go and sing!" i feel like striking jackpot.... then suddenly the pre-performance nervousness get to me again. i suddenly loose my appetite as i know i'm gona go to perform, and to stop this nervousness, i must really go up to perform and only after i sang the nervousness would stop.

so i went and pic a song, 林俊杰‘s 翅膀。

haha this is also my first time sing in front of people i duno. but since there are all strangers. it doesn't matter if i sing badly>_<. if i sing gud, maybe who knows i get to cheer up some girl's heart. but the vcd is not so co-operative lo. and i feel that i could fully release my voice. and worse more, when i started to sing, the "yam-seng" table to table toasting event just start>_<

oh well, so it was not a good performance by me. i didn't get enough of the singing of after the dinner i even went to k-box at 3rd mile to sing a few songs before i go home. haha. oh well, but going to a dinner whereby you don't know anyone is really not fun for me. i've experienced it once, and once is enough for me.


  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Every Year Got Fish

  2. haha, gong xi fa cai to you too.

    beside fish, don't forget the barbeque pork! cny is nothing without it! >_<