Sunday, August 12, 2007

Negarakuku - NOTICE: This music video is created by Namewee

WARNING! don't view this video if you really love malaysia, or you may get offended.

ngaiti...somehow i lost my entry of this here it goes again T_T

it's not a very gud feeling to write the same thing for the second time, aiya, make me have less feel...

anyway there's a fuss recently about a malaysian by the name of namewee uploading his own version of the national theme song "negaraku" in youtube. the song is very funny and controversial as it touches some sensitive, normally people wouldn't say it out loud in public tat sort of issue.

so, i was quite suprise and very impressed with his bravery. haha, i salute u namewee! i was thinking like, oh no, this guy maybe wouldn't survive tat long, the polis, ISA , or SWAT team might charge into his house and arrest him,then i found tat his in taiwan... no wonder.. but then there's also a post of his own video saying tat the government is "inviting" him bck, haha duno whether it's true, but i wish him all da best:P

actually the problems tat is face in malaysia which is sang in his song is nothing new, just tat he's brave enuff to rap it out loud and upload in youtube summore. we can't that wat he say is crap or bullshit, oh well...tat's what they say sometimes, truth hurt. but instead of pointing fingers, we should work together for a better solution, we need to face it lo, the problems is not make up, what we should do is tat we should co-operate, and undestand more one another and solve this problem together.

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