Wednesday, August 15, 2007

random post...

ar...sleepless nite, more terrible if it's a weekday and tomorrow u still need to work...

so 2nite, before i sleep i would want to tell u guys a story, it's about a normal guy, who's not so sure of his goal in life yet, who's kolienly 23 yr oledy still single, (argh...someone end my single life, haha:P), someone's who's quite easily content, someone who's sometime think too much but owez would try to be positive, someone who enjoy life, someone who like to laugh, to sing, to listen to music, someone who's trying to improve and learn although he's sumtime lazy n just spend most of his time on hobbies rather than on more important thing, who's naturally use the word "haha" alot of time in sms,blog,msn, who reads kennysia's blog everyday, who would do wat normal guys do surfing at net late nite, who's still in journey of discovery himself n the world!

but what ever he do, he hope he will be happy, his fren and family, also happy. er...haha if only there's more happy people in this world.

no fear, everyone i will survive! i do wat i can.

in this sleepless nite, i type this random post.

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