Thursday, August 16, 2007

Auroras- extravagant ray of light

photo taken from here

this post is inspired by my friend's blog, guynextdoor

i've always been fascinated by auroras, one of nature's magical display of art. i've remember watching it in TV documentaries like national geograhic when i was young. i've always hope tat at least in my lifetime i would have the chance to witness this amazing thing with my own eyes.

haha, but in order to see this, must save alot of money as they can only be seen in some northen countries like norway or alaska:P . but u need to depend on luck also whether you can see it becos it's not always there, tat i should do more charity work now haha to simpan luck to see auroras next time, otherwise spend so much money go there but kenot see i would feel pretty super disapointed:(

hmm...n these northern countries are very very cold...aiyo so i also need to keep fit and healthy if wan to go there.

oh ya, i ask my fren, he say at least around RM18,000. wah seh, so i think tat would require a longer term plan to achieve it.

i would make this as one of my mission in life!!!
haha til then ;)


  1. haha, din tot u oso post a post on aurora..., let's work hard and smart for it, so that we can c them during our lifetime!! yeah.....