Friday, August 24, 2007

Evan Almighty!

image taken from here.

hmm...last wednesday was planning to watch rush hour3, but ticket full, so watch this movie instead. haha well no regret watching it, as i know it's a comedy and it's probably from the same people who did Bruce Almighty. i've enjoyed Bruce Almighty before and i can say that this is one is not bad too:)

haha, although i'm a non believer but i still enjoy the subtle and humourous way the movie pictured Morgan Freeman as God. I also feel more comfortable as it doesn't contain very thick religious stuff inside.

in the movie's there this saying (or something like this):

"to change the world, we just have to perform an act of random kindess from time to time"

this i think is the most important lesson i learn from this movie. hmm...after some thinking, i have to agree lo, if everyone can be more kind to others, the world would surely improve to be a better place. haha then i think after if only things are that simple:(

but nevertheless, i think we should all work hard and do wat we can. even to the smallest little simple detail like picking up a rubbish, or helping someone to pick the things they drop down n etc....

anyway, this is a comedy worth watching heavily equipped with tons of laughter:)


  1. In all fairness to Steve, i still think Bruce Almighty was the better movie ...

    but i love steve's work in The Office .. he is darn funny there.

  2. ya, if not mistaken steve stars in the movie "40year old virgin" rite?

    tat movie not shown here, haha for obvious reason:) wish i could get a hold on it.

  3. you can get it from torrent. I've watch it already ... ok ok la .. can say funny..

  4. haha, we got one pirate king here:P

    eh, no....even higher level, download king! y buy pirate vcd if can download for free? haha...

    haha, so to fight piracy, either go cinema or download, dun buy pirated disc?