Monday, August 13, 2007

me and DIY...

haha, in taiwan DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is a popular term for another meaning, but i'm not gona talk about tat today.

hmm....actually statiscally speaking girls are much more prone than guys in DIY stuff. haha, actually girls are naturally more better than guys at this, haha, becos girls are more delicate, they have the women's touch that make the difference.

they are really not many guys tat i know tat like DIY stuff. haha, i'm one of the but this is good news also as i have another topic to talk about if da girls like DIY stuff haha. actually i'm not the hardcore loving DIY thing, i'm more depending on whether got inspiration or not, but i do appreciate DIY stuff as i think it's a very creative work of art.

the thing u make it is very meaningful becasue there's only one of its own in this world. (haha, unless u take to factory mass produce:P) becos if you try to make the second one, i think tat it would never be the same or good as the first one, so rather make completely different one rather than duplicate.

so,if u put ur heart n effort into it, then you would love the thing u created, i would usually feel sad to let go (cos original it is to make a gift to someone), but if you don't give it to someone, then there's no meaning in it. you do it yourself, but you don't keep it yourself. haha. you give to others to share the joy.

tat's y i only do DIY thing give to gals, cos it would feel very strange if give to guys. (but i think it's ok for girls to give to girls n guys as well) furthermore, gals would like it and cherish it more. haha it's an additional bonus to know that the new onwer would cherish it and not just leave it at corner haha.

i'm not sure when my interest started, haha, probably it's an hobby extension from drawing. well gud thing is tat i've frens who's also interested in DIY to talk to, to discuss how to make the materials, how to make it better, which combination of color to use....haha, here i would like to say a big thank you to sally(duno she got read blog or not), my techno graphic fren for her help, advice and enthutiastism, (haha and letting me n my frens using her place last time for DIY project).

oh ya, which reminds me, i've no picture to post for this entry cos i didn't take picture of my DIY thing, all given to frens:P haha next time lo.

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