Monday, December 3, 2007

the wedding singer- part 1 preparation

oh ya, first of all, a very congratz to my colleage Mr. Peter Ho on his marriage to his beloved wife Ms. Sophia:)

last friday i became a wedding singer. oh... not the paid wedding singer tat people invited, just that my other colleages have been requesting me to sing a few songs at the wedding, so i sing lo. (actually i also very much wanted to sing myself:P)

my last singing performance before this was a long time ago sometime this year, it's on my cousin's wedding and it is a much smaller scale and i totally didn't prepare for it. i was in the toilet and suddenly i heard the MC saying my name tat i would be singing. (somebody pass my name to the MC) so i just simply pick a song and sang. i sang 张栋梁's "北极星的眼泪". haha...i know it was not a suitable song to sing in wedding as it is a sad song, but that was the best song i can choose from the list of songs available there. my performance after i self evaluate is also just cincai cincai lo, no preparation.

anyway tis time is different as i've prepared for it. luckily i've already got the karaoke version of the song my colleage requested me to sing which is 曹格's "世界唯一的你". (previously i've written a post about this song in my friendster blog) but sadly my home's karaoke set is not working so i've been going to K-box to keep in practise for 3days before the event. there was one part where u need to shout "woah woah wooooo~~~" and i was worried because sometimes i cannot sing that part well (3.44-3.52min)

having some previous experience, i decided that i also need to prepare a back up song just in case. i was thinking of singing english song and the first thing that came into my mind is Westlife. y Westlife? becos for me i like da song and it's easy to sing and i've sung them before in previous uni performance;) but problem is tat i don't have westlife karaoke! so on the night before the wedding i went to scout around kuching's pirate vcd heaven- kenyalang to try my luck.

the biggest store didn't sell it as expected becos it's not a new song and it's quite hard to find English Karaoke song compare to chinese karaoke song. i think perhaps Westeners didn't like to sing karaokes as much as Asian. (karaoke is invented in Japan by the way) tat's y it's hard to find. but as i go to the other store, i flipped thru the old cds and gotcha! i've finally found it.

i was so happy:)

they got all the good songs tat i wanted: flying without wings, if i let you go, more than words. too bad don't have: my love, i lay my love on you.

it took me a while to decide which of these 3 songs to sing as backup.

flying without wings - best lyrics to sing in wedding, i've sung this before in another wedding, but it's harder to sing and requires some strength (for me). the atmosphere that is created from this song feels abit like 世界唯一的你 so i feel tat i should choose another song.

if i let you go - lyrics a little not suitable to sing in wedding, but among these three song, i feel tat the melody is the most cheerful. i've also sang this song before during my uni days student council's installation dinner. i actually wanted to sing this song as backup but considering the lyrics...aiya too bad le.

more than words- lyrics ok la, suitable for wedding, most easy to sing among these three. i've also sang this song before back in my uni day's prom nite. so being playing safe, i choose this song to sing among the three.

i've also dug up some of my available karaoke songs by 张智城 & 林俊杰 as extra backups.

ok, tat's all for part1. part 2 i'll talk about the actual performance.

P.S. please note that i'm not trying to promote pirated vcd:P
it's actually very hard to buy original karaoke disc in kuching.

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