Friday, October 26, 2007

sour plum^_^sour plum:P

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this post is dedicated to one of my favourite food, sour plum!

i think maybe i've inherited this from my mum which like to eat sour plum. hmm..beside that i also enjoy other sour stuff. but sour plum would be my most enjoyable sour food.

hmm..after eating for so long, i still didn't recognize any brand that specially made good sour plum. i can only judge it by looking at the fruit itself and you'll be able to tell whether it's nice or not before you buy it.

sour plum is good when you're in low energy and by eating it it would surely boost you up mentally like during afternoon time in office. sour plum also taste good to make plum juice or eat together with pak kia.

i was eating sour plum with pak kia just now. and i accidentally swallow up the whole sour plum together with the seed! i try to split it out but it's too late. oh gosh...i don't know whether my stomach acid can digest it or else it would need to come out through my butt>_<

my dad said y i'm so careless, all his life he's never swallow it before. he told me tat most probably it would come out my butt...

nooo!!!!....... be careful next time guys when eating sour plum, dun end up like me. maybe after tis incident i wouldnt' be eating sour plum for a while haha.

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