Sunday, May 4, 2008

conclusion of the interview kl trip

they say a picture describe a thousand word. this picture is what i can conclude from this kl interview trip.

the conlucsion. well, i'm glad to say that this trip is quite successfull. as all the 4 companies offered me the job. haha, i also didn't expect it to be this good. very glad and happy indeed:)

i suppose the idea of me insisting to paid for the RM500 plus air ticket myself makes me really fuel up to really make sure the interview would be worth it and therefore give the best i could. cos my dad offered to sponsor the air tickets for me. haha, luckily i insist on me using my own money.

but looking back, not all my previous interview that i went thru in kuching is successfull. haha, i think it's all a process for me. if not for the previous failures, i may not able to gain the success i have today. most importantly is not to give up and learn from your mistake and strive to improve.

a very big thank you to my frens who bring me around and allowed me to sleep at their places also haha. if not for their help and effort, this trip may not be that smooth.

haha another big unexpected gain is to be able to meet up and with this leng lui for the 1st time^_^

so among the 4, i've chosen to take the offer by Orisoft as application consultant and would start work in KL on 16th May 2008. haha, i've already drop my resign bomb. looking forward to start a new chapter of my life in KL

gambate kudasai p(^_^)q


  1. hey kwanghoug! congrats on the job!! where in KL are you staying? I'll be starting work in KL mid-Aug so we should meet up then!

  2. oh great.

    i'm staying at PJ area. where would u be staying?