Wednesday, May 14, 2008


image taken from wii's website.

before i went to kl i attend a birthday party at my friend's house. haha, i almost forgot it was my fren's b'day as because next day after that day is labour day. (her b'day is actually on labour's day, and her dad's b'day is on 1st day of lunar CNY!)

anyway i was suprise to see a Nintendo's Wii in her house. Wii is very popular in other countries and it's still not common yet in Malaysia. of course, as a gamer i quickly and happily took my chance to try out Wii for the first time.

haha, all of us instantly turn into kids again as we played. Wii is quite different from other console games like play station and Xbox or other pc games as it utilize a different 3D engine system and requires physical movement of the "wii stick" which would be shown on screen. for example, if you're playing a tennis game, you'll swing the wii stick like tennis racket. if you're playing a shooting game, you'll point the wii stick to the screen like a gun.

the most enjoying game i played is the boxing game whereby you swing both Wii stick controller in a punching method. haha, it was quite fun and i was overexcited about it that i didn't realize i was sweating like hell after i played. my friend also look at me and ask me why i'm so serious, it's only a game! haha, i beat up 3 guys in a row>_<

Wii is fun and is suitable for all ages. the games may look simple and easy to play but as you proceed to the higher level it's actually quite challenging and requires some skill especially on your concerntration and precision.

but then my friend say, Wii is only fun when you have a bunch of frens or people to play with. if you play alone at home, you'll easily get bored:P

to read more about wii, you can go to wikipedia or it's Wii's website.

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