Tuesday, May 13, 2008

houg with glassess

after living for 24 years...finally my eyes can't take it anymore. actually i've got some short sighted problems a few years back but it's still not serious. back then my right eye degree is 50, my left is 170. reason why i didn't wear the glassess eventhough i've got one is because i feel that i don't look good in it. looks alot like a bookworm nerd. and also, i'm still able to see things clearly.

but then as years pass, especially this year, the toll starts to take on my eyes. one big concern that i've begin to realize is that i couldn't see the subtitles of the movie in cinema clearly anymore. not to mention movie, even the subtitle at my home tv is already blur for me. what to say more, while sitting at cafe or coffee shop, my fren ask me to look at beautiful girls a few tables away, i would sadly told them...i kenot see clearly la! T_T

so since i would be going to kl i decided that i should re-examine my shortsighted degree and get a better looking glassess haha. and the result... now my right eye is 125, my left eye is 175. i wonder why my eyes would be shortsighted unevenly. i use both eyes to see le.

haha, it was quite fun for others to say...eee...when u start wearing glassess? when they first saw me wearing. so far, the response has been good about how i look with glassess. gud gud, cos i think wearing contact lense would be very troublesome. besides, i think wearing glassess would look more professional and smart and would make my childlike face abit more mature:)

but of course, it's more preferable if you maintain and keep the original. my ex boss use to kek me, aiyo since when u start to wear? you see, i'm 50 oledi but my eyes still original.

i've started to feel the inconvinience of wearing glassess. like for example it's hard for you to look at something high. u'll always need to adjust your glassess or need to bend your head high. i found out this sort of put some stress on the neck when i'm sitting down and i'm talking with someone very tall. (haha one of ex-colleage) it's different without glassess cos you'll just need to adjust your eyes up and there's no blind spot that the glassess have.

and one thing is that you'll surely left some scars on the upper part of the nose as a result of constant wearing. oh yeah...it's quite trouble as when you sweat, you'll need to take off glassess to wipe the sweat, you'll need to take off when you eat hot stuff as the steam would build up in your glassess and etc etc...

haha, but everything has it goods and bads. so no choice on that.

i'm the last among my family member to wear glassess. haha so next chinese new year my family photo would have all members wearing glassess:P

haha, tat's all for now:)

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