Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my first few days in KL

as i arrived in KL airport one of my bag's handle came off again. it was the same bag that i brought for the KL interview. it was mended by my mum, but it came off again>_<

i live at my fren's apartment as a temporary free loader whereby i sleep at the living room. next month they'll move into a new place and i'll move together with them as well. haha of course, this time i would be paying rent. i'm glad that i have my hometown fren as my room mate. i was quite lucky also as my living place has already been settled before i've arrive in KL and it's also quite near to my work place.

among the very first thing i do is to find transport as i need to have my own transport for my work. my friend's gf happens wants to sell her blue iswara. so i go and take and a look, conditions and price is quite reasonable so i agreed on the spot. haha, i was quite suprise that it goes smoothly so fast, and i didn't need to do alot of things as the seller would make the arrangment. i just only need to prepare payment.

image taken from here

next day, i took public transport to Low Yat to find myself a laptop computer. To get to low yat, i take a taxi to Kelana Jaya LRT, frm Kelana Jaya LRT to KL Sentral, frm KL Sentral walk opposite road side take monorail to Jln Imbi, then frm Jln Imbi walk to Low Yat. haha i felt quite proud of myself as i arrive beacause i've did it by myself travelling there, of course with friend's instruction and advice beforehand.

i went around and ask for advice from my friend on phone before i settle down to a lenovo G410 laptop for a very reasonable price. as i happily bought my laptop back and taken all those train and taxi back to my house, you have no idea how much i was shocked to see blue screen pop up while using it at the very first day, and it's several times some more! ngaiti, new laptop buy already blue screen, i went back the next day and give the laptop for them to check.

Lenovo G410, picture taken from here.

they say it was because i simply installed programs not compatibile with the laptop. i was thinking "WTF la, u think i'm a PC idiot ka, where got such thing one?". according to my friend the blue screen message say " beginning dumping physical memory" which concerns RAM. meaning that the 1GB RAM that i requested them to upgrade is not compatibile. but nevertheless i went home, bought a extra mini screw driver and open the laptop, take out the RAM, and test it whether it would crash and it didn't.

which proves that it indeed is the RAM's problem. so next day i took the tedios trip back to Low Yat and luckily managed to find a reasonable good guy in which he exchange the RAM for me. damn...i've make three tedios trip to Low Yat in three days just to manage a laptop. for me i think it took me more effort than buying my car!

one thing i gotta get use to in KL is the hot weather. i think it's the result of too many carbon dioxide and carbon monokside from too many people and cars in KL. haha no wonder they prefer to drink tea than coffee to cool off:P

haha, anyway i've gotta polish up on my cantonese as well. sometimes when i speak cantonese i would accidentally spill out some hokkien and would have the gave the listeners a puzzled look, in which i would quickly speak mandarin. thank goodness most people here can speak mandarin.

basically i'm ok and i believe i would get use to my new life. haha, if kenot get use, also need to get use. the last thing i would want to do is to come back Kuching announcing my defeat:P

oh well, tat's all from me for now. this is kwang houg reporting from KL:)


  1. hehe . take care of urself there buddy.

    it's a big big world out there. :P

  2. sounds like a lot of hard work to settle down in KL...

    I don't know where I'm staying yet because haven't looked for an apartment...but I'm working in KLCC so probably someplace that's near to the LRT station.

  3. oh..haha, thank you for the advice. big world, hopefully can train me up into a better man.

    oh..haha, places that are near LRT would be more expensive also. but i think for ur case, it would be worth it:)