Monday, May 19, 2008

farewell kuching....

image taken from here.

farewell my friends in kuching, i would be leaving my beloved hometown to start a new life and to work at KL. life would never be the same again for me for most part. living in KL would be hard, hectic and not as comfortable as in Kuching.

there's alot of mixed feelings. i feel excited to start a new life, to face new challenges and yet at the same time i feel a little bit heavy hearted to leave my hometown that i've lived for 24 years.

my last day of work at my ex-company is still very busy. when i left, they sure would be more busy. haha, i feel sorry that i need to allocate my taskload to them, but what to do. i would miss my colleages, i'm quite lucky actually to get a bunch of good colleages, especially that is my first job some more. i'm the youngest in the company and therefore somehow they would look after me like a little brother haha. thanks for everything, if there's anything that i did wrong please forgive me:P and i wish you guys all the best in your future undertakings.

i took this photo of my workplace on my last day. haha, i know it's very messy. it shows how busy i am:P

i even need another table behind me to put and arrange my stuff.

haha, i've learn alot from my first job, although it is not directly related to what i study. it gives me alot of chance and exposure, espcecially the skills of dealing with colleages, boss and customer. haha, thanks for all the scolding,advices from my boss and customer as well. it really made me grow up. when i bid farewell to my big boss on my last day, suddenly i feel very heavy hearted as i drove back home. haha, almost want to drop tears. ngaiti...didn't know that it would affect me so much.

for my friends in kch...haha, thanks for the companionship and fun through the many years. thanks for being there whether i'm sad or happy. i would surely remember all the happy crazy memories. thanks for the all the farewells gathering and gifts. haha, all of you, take good care.

for my family...sign...gonna miss them the most. and my house, my bed.

and for all the foods in kch..laksa kolo mee sio bee....i'm gona miss you guys haha.


  1. u can always fly back when u free lei. :)

  2. haha yalo...when got cheap tickets:P

    but haha, the feelings would be different already.