Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Day at Hat Yai

sign.... last day and the end of our trip.

the girls are complaining last few days they don't have chance to go shopping yet. so the last day is shopping time!

i bought a few t-shirts for myself and family. suprisingly there's alot of funny designed t-shirt sold here.

like this one. it say's i'm a super gay lover. er..not me...the t-shirt. i wouldn't dare to wear this type of t-shirt definitely, just take pic of it only.

we also bough alot of local foods. i've bought a big packet of dried cuttlefish. i believe i got slashed by the seller. i forgot to ask for discount>_<

hmm...always remember to take enough water when going to trip especially in hot weather. i got frequently be reminded to do so as i saw one person who always keep drinking water from time to time.

coconut drink, cheers! unfortunately it tasted more like sugar water than coconut drink >_<.

a few thai word that i've learn from this trip beside the well known sawadikap are:

kou rai - how much
ku pon kap - thank you (to guy)
ku pon kar - thank you (to girl)

haha, that's all that i've remembered.

at the end of the journey, everyone was quite broke! My wallet left only RM20plus something only. there's no malaysian atm here to withdraw money. overall, for penang trip and hatyai trip, i've spend about RM500:P

i felt quite insecure for not having much money on hand. if stil got extra money we would sure go for one more round of massage!

From this hatyai trip, i've get to know two new leng lui frens.

sexy and funny jh. haha, how do i look in pink?

cute cute sz. this is a nice pic, the colors of the clothes matches the staircase while the color of the umbrella matches the sky>_<

But as the saying goes where there's gain, there's lost. My long time good fren, yuen will be going off to Australia for further studies le. So this trip i feel is sort of like a farewell trip for him. haaha need to thanks alot to him also for being
the organizer and the tour guide. with him i've travelled to lots of places here in west malaysia in a short time since coming here to work.

all the best to you in your future endeavour dude:)

haha, and i somehow entered their SK Group membership.

a tradition of SK Group after every trip, we'll write our feelings and wishes in each others post card.

hmmm...i think this is something quite nice for rememberance in future.

A very memorable Hat Yai trip, haha, all the best to my fellow travel mates and keep in touch:)


  1. though ur Kuching best fren is leaving, you can stil join the SK group...Touch le...hehe..take care

  2. great write .. nice trip. nice photos. =)

  3. Hey guy, today is the 1st time i browse through ur blog. (pai seh a, eventhough know long time dy but not going to have a look). Haha....1st 3 blog that i read....Ur blog seem faster the yy 1. A record for our happy time. Cant deny this really an enjoyable trip for us. Looking forward for the next:P

  4. yalo, it was a nice trip indeed, tanks for your comments:)

    hope u'll enjoy reading haha.