Sunday, October 5, 2008

Part 1 - Penang Trip

Wow, I’m really grateful that I’m able to embark on another trip again. This time is to Penang and to Hat Yai, in south Thailand during the Raya holidays.

this is gonna be the most pics taken n posted in my history of blogging thus far, all thanks to the group of frenzy photo takers frens, which called themselve SK Group.

the journey begins by taking a bus from Puduraya bus station to Butterworth, whereby we stay at a friend's place. the journey took about 4 hours plus n cost about RM36 per trip. haha, tis is also my first time taking a long distance bus in west malaysia n luckly managed to take some sleep admist the bumpy ride.

we are lucky to have a friend that is able to let us stay at her house for the night. haha, even got bed to sleep somemore. tat night it took me some effort to get to sleep, either is because i'm too excited or just that i suddenly realize i've haven't been sleeping in a bed for a few months already sicne i came to KL!

next morning we went to tour around penang island.

went to a temple to look at Cheng Ho's footmark.

somehow i feel i got cheated to come all this way to look at someone's foot. but nevertheless i still got throw in some coins for good luck and a safe journey.

there's a small, abit shaky jeti whereby we go there for sight seeing and pics tooking.

"shuai ge" posing.

"shuai ge mei ni" posing

do you think laksama cheng ho looks like andy lau?>_<

next we visited the war museum which is RM15per entry.

hehe, cool posing in front of the war museum.

well, items wise, it does not really have alot of items to display, but the more interesting part is that it is build upon a real fort, so there's got real underground escape tunnels to explore which is really fun.

some of them is in pitch black conditions whereby we need to use our hp light to nagivate our way.

There's this one very high up metal ladder that you need to climb at the end of the escape route.

posing in at the entrace of the escape route. bang! bang!

posing in the middle of the escape route.

this is roughly how high it is, i think it's about 2 storey high.

this is k.p. performing her levitation stunts in middle of the ladder. haha, tanks to
her for driving us around.

hehe, finally made it. beware of dangerous houg:P

he's reviving the Nazi, and he has got new recruitment!

There's a few big canons to play around with.

like this one.

and this one. haha, the girls very co-operative:)

suprisingly there's a place to play paintball also. and the battlegrounds is by far the best paintball battlegrounds i've seen so far. there's alot of trees, bunkers, tyres, and even have towers and bunkers! but i think the fees is quite expensive, 100bullet for RM50 or lesser than that, i forgot the exact amount.

this pics i feel suddenly got camera at my back so i turn and pose. haha, got infected with photo sensitive desease.

there's alot of eating place in penang, but due to time limits, i've only been to a few.

this place is good for dim sum!- Restoran Chaw Choon.

look at the food! i must come again next time. hehe.

there this concept store, T-bowl in Queen's bay whereby all the seat are toilet bowl!

haha, luckly the food served is normal food, not toilet food. taste not bad also.

haha, but i don't enjoy "mian xian hu", which i called it "mee hoon soup"

this is also my first time go take photo inside the fancy photo mini studio booth.
they don't give u softcopy so kenot post here:P the girls just love it.

so if got next trip, i'm gona try more things to eat! oh, they're a saying that penang girls are pretty, hmmm...after a this trip, i've gotta agree lo. hmm...dunno
why like tat.

next post coming up a.s.a.p - Hatyai trip! stay tune:)


  1. DunnO y like tHat o?
    I noE! I Noe!
    cOz u r forced to saY so..waHaha..
    eRm...weLcoMe tO peNang aGain la...
    pRomiSe wOn't brinG tO eat "mian mian dE mee Hoon soUp" aGain,ok?^.<

  2. haha, nola...

    i've already got heard this saying before saying tat penang got produce alot of pretty gals.

    sure, penang still got alot of food i haven't tried yet.

    hehe, take k:)

  3. Who's the gal in red ?