Monday, October 6, 2008

Part 2 - Hatyai n Songkla - Day One

next day early morning we took a van which took us from butterworth to hat yai. the journey took around 3 hours and for a 2 way trip cost around RM70. so most of the trip i slept like pig again, there's a tv on the van, but that tv is for display only cannot function.

haha, the tv reminds me on my bus trip last time to Sarikei whereby i watched Lord of the Ring on the whole journey from the start til the end and stil haven't reach detination yet.

thailand is the second foreign country that i've set my foot upon after singapore. as i've entered hat yai you'll feel that it is not to so different from other city or town in malaysia except that all the place is filled up with words i don't understand. even the road sign, is mostly in thai.

one thing u'll notice on the road is that they've put up alot of their king's potrait in many many places outdoor. seems that thai pay alot of respect for their king, compared to malaysia, we mostly only get to see the sultan's picture inside government office only.

luckly we didn't drive our car there, cos it would be very difficult to find our way and due to language differences and it would be hard to ask for directions also.

however,they are some thai that can speak hokkien and little english, so at least it's not so bad la. and if they don't know, we really need to use hand language to communicate lo.

Day one
We went to travel around by hiring a van via the tour agency. once arrived we went for a half day trip to Songkla, which is bout half an hour ride from Hat Yai. The van cost around RM200.

due to time limits, we tapao MC-D and ate it on our journey. hohoho, one good thing
about thailand's MCD is that they have pork burger! there's also a prawn burger on promotion, both taste quite good as well.

haha, this is Sawadikap Roland. oh ya, the chocolate dip cost RM1.2 only!

they are many beautiful temples over there.

Among the places we went is this sleeping buddha.

well, it is not as big and awesome as the one in bangkok, but still this is the firt giant sleeping buddha that i saw with my own eyes.

this the folklore museum. actually we wanted to visit another museum but the van driver bought us to this one instead. we're like thinking oh well, since we're there already might as well took a visit.

the entry ticket cost RM6. from the outside, the museum doesn't look very impressive,
but suprisingly the place is really huge!

we've walked and walked for a long time and almost got a little bit lost inside.

there are many items on display but mostly the items are not so different than those in Malaysia's museum as both culture is not so different.

haha, some of the artificial man looks very alike human like tis one jh took with.

if i didn't pay alot of attention i would mistaken it for a real man.

some of them even wore modern clothes! yeah, you've got to praise the artists' hard work to make them so life like:P

The museum is actually build on the side of the mountain and outside the musuem is a far away small fishing village.

here is a closer take of the fishing village, i quite like the peaceful scenary.

hehe, there's also a bunch of thai statues outside the museum and we took funny pics
trying to imitate their pose. yeah...these statues are quite unique n distinctly thailand.

next we went to another place called Tang Kuan Hill, whereby we need to que up for quite some time and we use some sort of cable car like elevator to go up there.

upon exiting the elevator we're being greeted by some motivational notice board.
yeah..i like to read motivational notice board, keeps u pump up in life, even if it is for a few seconds only.

hehe, took alot of pictures.

there so many bells on display, i can't resist to play with it.

haha, i deliberately stand behind the canon for this picture:P

i like shape of this tree:) it has

thailand there's alot of hot tom yam, it is quite a waste for me as i'm not good at taking hot and spicy food. haha, sorry guys, need to accomodate me:P

after we went to dinner we go and take a walk around a nearby beach, and i was quite suprised and very very disappointed to see how dirty it is!

it's all pilled up of rubbish! really can't stand it la. very uncivic minded.

luckly the sandy beach is not dirty. else it would really spoil the mood.

taking pictures with a mermaid statue on samila beach. the photo was taken by a malaysian tourist. we are quite happy to meet someone who speak the same familiar tongue after whole day of hard communication.

this island looks familiar, beyond the coastline of santubong, kuching there's also an island similiar to this shape!

day one was suprisingly tired, and everyone fell asleep like pig once we reach back our hotel at Lee Garden. oh Lee Garden hotel cost around RM150 per night. before i slept, i turned on the tv and as i surf the channel i've found that there're all in thai and mostly there's no subtitles!

amazingly, thailand got produce alot of local shows for local market, which is much much more if compare to malaysia. malaysian official tv has only a few channels whereas thai has alot lot more.

haha, of course how we waste our valueble time sleeping only, on around midnight we went to a nearby hawker stall to try some local delights.

Hat yai is a small town, so there's not much night life except those hawker stalls at the roadside, some pubs, massage centre..etc.

this is called "tou tang" a mixture of stuffs. looks nice, but sadly i think taste
so-so. i think it's not worth the price which is RM3-5.

i prefered the bbq cuttlefish more. eaten with chili and peanuts. they use a roller machine to roll the cuttlefish straights. it reminded me back in the old days whereby
my dad told us he uses hammer to straighten the cuttlefish as they is no roller to use.

Day Two coming up next!

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