Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Part 2 - Hatyai n Songkla - Day Two

Day Two
we decided to go and took the Tuk-Tuk car, which is their local version of taxi.

The Tuk-tuk here is different than those Tut-Tut car in Bangkok. there's not much buses there compare to numbers of tuk-tuk. One thing u'll notice is there's alot of pickup trucks here as well. Mostly they use it to pick up people at the back, i'm not sure whether it's their family or strangers.

we went to more temples and took more pictures.

this is four faced-buddha. this is the first time i pray to it and need to pray at four directions because of it's four face. every place i go, i would go and pay my respect to local god with frens, hmm...not for religious purpose but just to pay respect to the local spiritual king and ask for a safe journey for everyone.

this is one of thai's elephant god. there's also four of them.

thailand is the land of elephants, big and small:)

we asked the tut-tut driver bought us to see Guan Yin temple.

as we approached the site, i was quite puzzled, and wondered isit Thailand's Guan Yin is different? How come it is covered in gold, and it has those tipped thailand hairstyle?

to take this pic, my friend need to lay down on the floor to take it. and the floor is also quite hot because of the sun!

very nice background view.

haha, i later found that this is not Thailand version Guan Yin, but a Hindu temple.

Guan Yin is located down the Hill, below the hindu temple.

this is me posing with Guan Yu, the brave noble warrior and my most favourite character from the Romance of the Kingdom.

i saw this structure and i thought it was a bird cage. at a closer look i realise that it is used as a place to light firecrackers. hmmm... i think it's sort of a good idea as this way it would be more safe. i wonder why i didn't see any of those in Malaysia before.

i like this fat fat god. i forgot it's name, he looks very hohoho (i don't know how to describe! >_<)

next we decided to go for massage. Massage in Thailand is quite cheap, for a whole body massage which lasted 1 hour plus, it cost only RM20. haha my friend say if he live here, he would go for massage once every month.

haha, but too bad the massager is not so pretty. but nevertheless she is quite skillfull. At one point, i almost thought that she is going to break my waist and kill me as i've never heard my bones cracked so loud! >_<

you'll definitetly feel very refreshed after the massage. haha, i would definitely
come for massage again if i come back to thailand again.

In the evening we visited another thailand's unique showcase- Ah Gua show. haha, i was abit worried about how the place would be like, and i was suprised that alot of people even brought their children to come see the show! Most of the visitors are malaysians, so the announcer got speak mandarin, they've even played modern Chinese Pop song before the performance!

the ticket was RM35, inclusive of quite not bad dinner, so i think it is quite worth the money.

here comes the "Ladies"

some their performances and customs are quite good. although the songs are definitely not sung by them, haha but this is not an ordinary performance anyway:P
some of the custom and background are richly design. you can see that they really did put some effort into it.

i think this egyptian style clothes and background is most richly decorated.

i was thinking that it would be impossible if throughout the whole event they is only traditional dance, turned out that the show did have some hidden suprises.

this "lady" comes out and did some very funny performance and suddenly she ran down the stage, kissing some of the male audience, and even grabbing their hands to touch
"her" "boobs"

pheuww...luckly i was not sitting at the front! i dare not imagine myself kena kissed by them or if i touch their fake boobs>_<

towards the end of the show, the "ladies" did some sexy dance show for the audience. you can see the difference as when they shake their body, their "boobs" wouldn't move as rhythmatically as real boobs should>_<

after the show, the "ladies" went off to the entrance to let visitors take photos and hopefully to get some tips.

we even took a pic with one of them.

it's quite hard to sleep that night, knowing that it is our last night in Hat Yai before returning back to Malaysia 2molo.

Day Three next.

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