Monday, October 13, 2008

thoughts while drinking with colleages...

last friday went to an open air style music cafe in kepong for drinks with colleages for an farewell event. majority of them ordered beer while i drank ice lemon tea. haha, luckly didn't went to a pub, else i would need to drink beer also.

anyway it started out quite ok, but then as they drank more beers, one of the girl colleage who drank quite alot suddenly mention that she doesn't understand why some guys like to smoke and she ask from them to try one.

i was like huh??? you sure about that? the other girls colleage got try to advice her, but maybe it's because of the little high caused by alcohol she insist to go ahead. so the guy colleage taught her how to smoke, how to inhale the smoke, blow out thru ur nose, how not to breath in into the lung for social smokers..etc..etc.
(i found the saying that "of not inhaling the smoke down your throat but blow it out after sucking it would not be harmful to your health" to be very ridiculus. ahem..never thought about the effect of second hand smoke to others?)

after a few rounds of smoke and beer, i saw her bending over a girl colleage, as if she has collasped to unconsiousness sleep. i heard that first time smoking would make your head dizzy. the guys suddenly felt bad and go comfort her.

i was signing all the way. i really don't like girls that smoke. they are many thing in life to try. but it doesn't mean that you've also got to try everything including bad things as well.

but then again, who am i to judge others, it's their life, their choice. haha, sorry if i sounded harsh, but it's just my thoughts that's all. not pointing to anyone here, just my view of the issue itself.

oh well, at least there's one thing to cheer me up that night which unexpectally came from a little girl. a primary year old who was there with her parents wandered off to our table and started talking to us.

when the girls colleage ask the little girl who's she think is the most handsome among my male colleage, the little girl pointed at me!

wah seh...i actually blushed and at that moment i can't think of anything else to do but to smile and wave to her at the other end of the table. haha,secretly in my heart i feel like saying "hao, xiao mei mei wo xing shang ni!" (well said little girl, i admire you)

nevertheless it's quite cute to received a naive and straigth from the heart compliment from a little girl:)

haha, dear little girl, hope you grow up to be a good girl ya.

aiyo i should have taken a picture with her for remembrance:P

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