Thursday, October 16, 2008

a thought while creating albums in friendster....

i told a friend that she should arrange her pictures in friendster into different albums instead of jumble it all up in public photos for easy viewing.

oh well, she did it. and i realized that me myself is quite lazy also so i decided to arrange my friendster pictures into albums as well. haha, after telling others to arrange, if i don't arrange myself that would be not gud rite?:P

while i'm dividing my photos into different albums i suddenly feel like as if i'm reviewing my life these few years and labelling them into different sections. haha, felt alot of feelings lo as i look back along the years i've came through until this very moment.

first there's my crazy yet memorable secondary school life. haha,if i can turn back time, i would surely want to relive my secondary school days again. sometimes i stil even dream of coming into a classroom full of my secondary school friends. it's amazing how deep secondary school life stays in your memory.

then there's uni life. feels like a more mature version abit. i believe uni life is the best time for you to play, meaning that you're at the stage when you're more mature than secondary schools and you haven't step into the busy stressful working life yet, and you'll earn your driving license already by then. it's also a period of learning and maturing as you get exposed to alot of new things.

then, there's the big brave step to working society. whereby u feel like you're entering a new world totally different from the previous two. that the first time you'll be faced with harsh reality of life and pressure and hope that you'll be able to stay back at your uni life or secondary school life. but you can't so you must learn to adapt and survive and improve or else you'll be overtaken and beaten by others. as you look at uni or secondary school students you'll suddenly feel that your'e much older than them and they are like green bird:P

then, there's this part of my life that i came to work in kl. actually i'm quite proud of myself as this is something i've never done before leaving my comfort home to whole new place to begin a new life. i can feel that this the biggest step and decision that i've made so far in my life. haha, most importanly i hope i would make my parents proud. life at work can be quite stress, haha, much stress than what my previous job but nevertheless i'm not afraid, as this is the path i chosed.

you'll just have to keep on believing that things would become better and you can do it. i'm glad that i'm able to learn to think positively. positive thinking sometimes even suprised myself of the results! haha, i would stil feel down sometimes, but i'll try to get myself up after that.

there would be many more sections in my life that i would arrange into different albums as times goes by. i feel that every section is important to me, as it all adds up to make me who i am today, or perhaps who i will be tomorrow?

haha, wana took this opportunity to give a very big thank you to all my family and friends. thank you for being there, for being a part of my life. i will not be here and what i am today without you guys:)

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