Thursday, October 25, 2007

this is my response to kenny sia's post:
who should take the first move, guys or girls?

i was browsing through kenny sia's blog and saw this interesting post. As always he never fails to throw down laugh bombs. furthermore this time got prize for the best comments. A Hugo fragrance!

hmmm...although i don't use it but i think i should give it a try. besides,i've already have some comments that i want to write regarding that post, so i would write a little bit longer to try my luck on the prize and also to keep in practise. below is my comment which i wrote the for the second time. the first comment i wrote was not posted as i accidentally close the browser:(

well, i think both gender deserves the right to pursuit their happiness and the that person they like, haha but we need to bear in mind that everyone deserve the same right as to reject you:P

i think the most important factor is to show your utmost sincerity when you make the move. if u don't look too bad, if the target is available, and if the target can feel your sincerity...i think the success rate would be quite high.

it would come down to personality, whether you're a girl or guy. If you're the more active type, normali they would be the one who make the move. Else if you're the more passive type, u'll do all those signals to attract the other's attention and hoping that they'll notice.

normali it would be guys taking the first move, but hey, time changes. girls are now getting more bolder and bolder and i think this is good news. most of the time, guys would find girl's passive signals hard to understant, so it would be easier if girls would take the first move on guys.

i honestly think that the success rate for girls to take the first move would be higher compare to guys taking the first move.

lastly i would like to end this comment by saying that we should also learn to reject people politely. you know, when you see some of the leng lui or leng zhai rejected people till like insulting them. argh.....i think these type of people is not worth for you at all.

anyway all the best to all the first movers out there, gambate! :)


my comment ends here:)

i suppose one of my sweetest moment that i would cherish forever is the moment when i've finally decided and gather courage to ask a girl her name but instead she take the first move and ask me instead:P

oh well, although we didn't end up being lovers, but still to me it's a good memory:)

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