Sunday, October 14, 2007

something about me...

went to watch resident evil 3: extinction with my fren just now. and i can say that i don't feel that it's worth watching:P

actually this post is not about the movie, but is about after the movie. After the movie my fren and i saw some commotion down there at the temple below star cineplex so we went to check it out. actually there was some sort of performance by some singers and dancers for some sort of events which i have no idea. cos it's the second day of hari raya, (oh btw, selamat hari raya haha) and i don't think there would be any chinese events.

but i'm not going to talk about tat either. my fren ask me whether want to go to the temple to pai pai (pray)"拜拜" so i went along with him. well under normal circumstances i wouldn't usually do this, cos i usually only worship my ancestor during ching ming as a tradition( i dun usually worship chinese gods).

it's been a while since i did some praying, haha, last time during my adventure to sibu sarikei with him i've also go pai pai with him at the temple. hmm...when i first set foot on sibu, i feel that i'm in a new foreign place and it is a matter of courtesy to show some respect for those local temples and also sincerely wish for a safe journey. you can check out my old frenster blog about my sibu sarikei adventure here.

well, i'm not a religious type of person for sure. but i just feel that by burning the joystick and waving it towards to chinese gods and wishing for a better future is quite a good thing to do also from time to time. wat matters is sincerity rite? usually i would wish that my family and frens would be healthy and happy, safe and sound. (出入平安). i've also wish that i could get someone i like, but so far nothing happen yet, haha, but it'll still be in my wish list anyway. haha, when it comes back to reality, i think that (no offence) these stuff only serves as moral support.
all things would still need to depend on yourself.

haha whether i really believe in it or not doesn't matter to me. what matters is that i can have that moment of peace and hope while i'm "pai pai" ing.

yeah, i think as a chinese, preserving chinese traditions is also an important thing. although sometimes i also find it difficult and troublesome to do, but to think that to lose something that's part of who you are, something that has been pass down genearation from generation for 5000 years, hmm..i think that's not rite lo. it's sad to see that some of those things slowly fading away admist modernization.

this is a picture i've drawn from my childhood memories, it roughly looks something like this:

my dad is teaching me how to pai pai to my grandpa. i remember a little only ( i was too young), he say something like wishing to grandpa protect me from harm. "公公保佑我。。。” hmmm...i'm glad that i remembered this little childhood memory:) so if i have a child one day i would hope that i would be able pass on this tradition to them like my father did.

so tonite, i sincerely hope that my frens and family would be happy and healthy, safe and sound:)

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