Saturday, October 6, 2007

belated movie review of shrek3

again, this is one of my anticipated movies of the year but i failed to watch it at cinema and ended up watching vcd at home

for this short post, i've chosen to use stickgal's cartoon of shrek. i've known stickgal's blog thru kennysia. quite like it as all da cartoon are simple and nice:)
for those who haven't check out her blog, click here

having previously watch shrek1 & 2, which packs a bunch of humour. i've been looking forward to see more how the movie would continue to make fun of the fable story character. n after seeing it, haha it is not disappointing at all. i was eating laksa tapao at my home and watching it. at one point, there's one funny scene which made me laugh and accidentally spill my nose fluid into my laksa soup>_<

one character that i particular like in shrek is the gingerbreadman. i remember him got tortured by the evil king in shrek1 and in return he even spit on the evil king.

the voice character for Arthur sounds alot like Michael J.Fox, but when i see the voice cast, it's actually Justin Timberlake. their voice sound alike or is it just my own opinion?

according to wikipedia, the producers are on the way to make shrek4 and 5! hmm...duno true or not. haha, at least the funny green orge and his friend would still be around for sometime.

overall, it's definitely a comedy worth watching:)

image taken from wikipedia

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