Sunday, October 21, 2007

不能说的秘密~ Secrets

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oh...yet another movie i look forward to watch but didn't get to watch in cinema before it's too late. and ended up watch dvd at home.

aii...i think i'm being too passive le, if next time got movie want to watch, should actively seek frens to go watch.

well, i think like most people the major attraction for this movie is that this is Jay Chou's first movie as a director. wow, you gotta admire his talent, a few years back he just acted in Initial-D, then curse of the golden flower, now became director already. previously i know that he's begun to direct his own MTV, but to go direct a movie in just a few years of prepartion and trully not a simple thing.

since it's his first directed movie, i am just curious to see how the movie would be like, i'm not putting up too high expectation. but as i slowly watch it, and hey...i think it's not so bad either. there's a lot of quite good camera views, angles and story line. The overall feeling i got is like "hmmm...not bad leh". of course, not forget to mention the interesting showcase of Jay's and a Nanqian mama's member piano playing skills. and also 黄秋生 also contribute alot of comedy to the movie. 桂纶镁's girl next door image and natural look also add point to the movie. she's not really the very beautiful type of girl, but she's more like the type that is easily likeable and you would enjoy looking.

the only thing to complain is that i don't really think it's necessary to add the sci-fi genre thing to the movie. i think it would still work out o.k. if it's just a simple love story movie. i think it's because Jay wants to add some spice to it or to make it different.

anyway Jay say that he's too stress while he's directing (considering all the media attention that is upon him) and maybe he would not be doing some movie to direct in near future:(

haha dun give up Jay! oh...the main theme song for the movie is also 不能说的秘密. the song's quite short. hmm...having seen the movie, now i could enjoy listening and singing the song more.

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