Saturday, October 13, 2007

the coca-cola and mentos experiment

i've bet you guys have heard from emails saying that you can't drink coca cola together with mentos because it when these two mix togehether it would cause some chemical reaction and the cola would erupt like a volcano! urban legend has say that one kid actually died from taking coke and mentos at the same time.

oh, if you don't know what i'm talking about, you can click to see this video footage.

well, out of curiousity, i've decided to try out this experiment! but just to be caution i've google it to see whether there's any information that i need to be aware of. from wikipedia it says that it would work on any regular coke as well (most effective is with diet coke).

so i bought a can of coke and mentos back home. call and gather my family members to watch the experiment.

and guess what......

to my dissapointment nothing like what i saw in you-tube happen! i use one can of coke, and add 3 piece of mentos inside and i just saw some little bubbles coming out. the amount of bubbles produced is even less than the bubbles produced if we add salt into cola.

oh well, and we even drink the coke after that and still nothing happen. hmm...i wonder if the video is lying, or the experiment requires diet coke instead?


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