Friday, October 19, 2007

yet another sleepless night....damn...

Ai…talk about wrong timing, today at 2.23am in the morning I still couldn’t sleep . Worse again, tomorrow I’ve still got work. Haha, I think I would be very blur 2molo morning at work and would need extra dose of caffeine.

I arrived home around 1am, after attending fren’s karaoke b’day at podwave. It’s one of my gang from secondary school. It’s been a while since I attended a gathering with them, this is also an opportunity to do some follow up of what each other is doing.

The singing part and b’day part was fun as the gang was very funny and playful. The guys would play gay around which is very funny. Haha of course I watch from a safe distance and watch and laugh only.

But got one bad part lo. Near ending, one by one start to smoke. Aiyo…the smoke immediately spread all over the small air-con room. And the smell….especially smoke in air-con room, I really kenot tahan anymore, so need to leave the room to get some fresh air.

Ai…for this I feel abit sad lo. Although I’ve no right to tell them what to do. Although I strongly object to smoking and liquor myself. If they choose to smoke it’s their own choices. Aiyo, but please respect those non-smokers like me mah~. Haiya.

But other than that, it was fun.

Haiyo, I hope I can fall asleep soon, else can sing 张智成’s 凌晨三点钟。

Good night people :)

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