Monday, December 10, 2007

a brief encounter with gangster at the auction in kuching airport

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it was a few weeks ago that i went to visit the auction at the airport where i've always heard rumours that there's alot of tattooed people controlling the auction. well, it appears that the rumour is quite true.

haha, you just gotta see it with your own eyes to believe it. the gangster would controlled the auction by being the only dominant bidder. They aim to sapu (buy all) the auction item and resell it to other bidders at the end of the auction at a higher price.

If there's other people who want to bid, they would stare or shout at them and tell them not to bid. If other bidders want to bid, they must need to find the gangster and pay an additional commission to them to get the item they want.

it is very unfair as the public would need to pay for the unecessary additional payment. it's also very sad that the local authorities cannot do anything about it.
there are 5-6 policeman standby beside the auction hall but they can't do anything about it also. i think it's also because what the gangster is doing is unfair but it is not illegal. tat's the problem here.

picture taken from here

oh well, one thing that caught my attention though, is tat i saw of one of the police officer helding a MP5 submachine gun! Ngaiti~ an auction like this need to bring sub machine gun meh, handgun not enough ka? i suddenly feel a bit not safe. but i notice that the magazine of the gun is not loaded;p haha he even wear sun glassess. i dunno whether it is for him to look cool like terminator or he don't want people to recognize him in case he shoot down some people>_<

picture taken from here

later i even have a chance to talk to the sub-machine gunner as we walk by. it was something like this:

police: oh...ada beli kereta ka? ( bought any car?)

me: oh..tiada, cuma datang tengok saja, ini MP5 ka? ( oh no, i just came to have a look, is that MP5?)

police: eh..macam mana kamu tahu? (eh, how u know about it?)

me: oh..saya ada main game. saya tahu lo. (oh..i've played computer games so i know)

police: kamu tahu apa maksud MP dalam MP5 ka? (you know what's the meaning of MP in MP5?)

me: er...tidak (er..nope)

police: haha, ia sebenarnya maksud Mini Pistol! (haha, it actually means mini pistol!)

then someone called him, and the conversation end like this.

it was an interesting short conversation. ahha, i was about to ask him y he didn't put on the ammunition? or he just use it to scare people only?:P

but i half half believe him about what he say about the meaning of MP5 becos he answer it with a proud wide grin. i've even go check up wikipedia, but it didn't mentioned the MP stands for Mini Pistol.

oh...back to the main topic...

as conclusion,this has been a new experience for me. if you guys want to see them gangster auction next time, you can go there and see for yourself.

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