Monday, December 3, 2007

the wedding singer- part 2 the actual performance

thanks to ai min for the photo:)

here is part 2, the actual performance itself.

hmm....after a few practises,i think i should be able to do it ok. But nevertheless, i still feel very kinteo before i went up the stage. and as usual, if i know that i'll be performing, i wouldn't be able to eat alot as i'm very nervous and would lose my appetite. besides, eating too much is also not good as the extra weight you gain would make you a little bit harder to sing! haha.

my colleagues ask me to sing earlier so that i would have the appetite to eat. but i didn't expect them to ask me be the first. oh wow...being the first to sing has more pressure le. but it was the host himself that start the performance with 2 old songs and then i was the first from the audience to go up.

as usual, i was quite nervous as i went up the stage. the mic is plucked inside a holder beside a small tv in front of the stage. the music is already running when i'm trying to unpluck the mic from the holder, which make me more nervous is that i have a little difficulty in unplucking and i'm afraid that i wouldn't be able to make it in time to sing when the song starts. luckily it didn't happen....pheww...

as i pick up the mic, luckily things go back to normal abit. haha, when got mic in hand and start to sing, my nervousness lessen as my attention all goes to my singing. i think it's because the presense of my boss and my big boss that suddenly make me kinteo again. at one time i even feel that my legs got tremble abit but i quickly try to hold it off, at least i still sing it normally. (but later i think i should have been able to sing better:P)

and yes, i've been able to sing the shouting part o.k. after the song when i went back to the table, the nervousness that i was trying to hold off on the stage suddenly all burst out. haha, that's what they say, when upstage, kenot let the audience see, must tahan until you go downstage. i was trying to held a chopstick and my colleagues laugh at me seeing my hands trembling. i also feel very funny as previously in my performance i'm never been this much nervous.

but anyway now that i've done my part. i can start to enjoy the food and listen to other performance. there was one performer that night that is very special and although he sang old song, he's very active and playfull and entertaining on stage. i need to thank him alot as he reminded me that i should relax more and tone down alot of my nervousness.

that whole night i was the only performer from the younger generation audience (oh except for the bridge and bridegroom, they sang "ni jui zhen gui" ) maybe that's why my colleague ask me to sing another song.

oh well, at least i've prepare for my backup song- "more than words". this time i sang it with less nervousness far more better than the first. in the beginning i've thought of doing something different and be like westlife cos when they sing this song, there's one part showing them sing while sitting in front of the stage. hmm...but aiya i dun dare! the mic is wired so it'll be a bit hard to do it too. but as i think back i think it would be fun and i should've try it. haha, at least it would be a new experience for me.

hmm...after that as i went back to my sit, my colleagues ask for another one, haha, but i say no la, enought for 2nite cos i think i should also give other people opportuniy to perform as well.

but there's one thing no good about singing in a wedding dinner is that not all people would be looking at you while you sing as some would be eating, chatting or doing "yam seng", too much distraction. although this might make u less nervous cos less people look at you, but it'll make u feel abit like you're not appreciated lo. haha, but at least when i went up stage and sing and as i quickly scan through the audience i found some of them looking at me smilling, especially younger generation, haha cos i sing new song mar~. haha then i feel abit worth it lo and it would boost my confidence as well.

overall i feel ok lar, satisfied. but still got alot more to improve. wat is very funny is that after the dinner my frens ask me to go podwave to sing k, and they also got choose the same two song that i sang.

thanks everyone for your support in asking me to sing and saying my voice nice. i really appreciate it. haha but i know i'm not that good, i just like to sing and dare to perform, there's still many things to learn and improve.

ok, tat's all for now, cheers:)

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