Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas 2007~

first of all, a very merry christmas to all^_^

and behold my christmas DIY gifts!

tomorrow i would be attending a yearly small dinner and christmas exchange gathering with friends. usually i would just buy gifts but this year i've got some inspiration to do DIY gifts.

as you can see in the picture, the DIY includes the christmas tree,the little present box and the background card. the display box is borrowed from a friend's gift to me last time:)

the christmas tree is actually not a new idea as i made one before two years ago as a gift to a friend. but then this size is the 1/4 of the original size. i was quite proud of the first original one, as all the ideas is original. too bad i didn't take the picture as rememberance:(

it's actually not hard to do the christmas tree, just that it's pretty time consuming for me to do. it took me 2 nights to finish everything up. one night for the christmas tree, and one night for the present box and the wrapping.

the christmas tree is made from those hard green sponge cut into circular shape and stapple together, but it's hard to control it to a perfect circular shape like the christmas tree. haha, but if you see from far, luckily wouldn't notice that much. the body of the tree and the christmas tree star is made by bending small iron wire.

the original version i use disco dust as decoration for the tree, but this time somehow i couldn't find it. so i tried to use golden string to hang it up as decoration but it ended up as a disaster, not beautiful...so i took it all off. but luckily i manage to think of something, which i cut color paper into tiny pieces and scatter it on the christmas tree instead.

overall i'm satisfied of the result. but i'm concerned of the christmas tree's condition if the box got shaken badly and it would collaspe! ahha, it's a smaller version (therefore more fragile) and the display box got many space for the tree to collaspe into. ahaha, when the present is open you see the christmas tree collaspe, not nice le...haha

i've always have this feeling after i finished my DIY project. since i spended some time on it and has some relationship with it i would tend to like it myself and wouldn't want to give it away. but it would be more meaningful if it given as a gift rather than to made it for yourself to keep.

anyway, i hope that the person who received the gift tomorrow would like it and cherish it and take gud care of it. ahha, hopefully it would be a girl, as girl would cherish DIY gifts more than guys.

once again, a very merry jingle bells....

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