Saturday, December 29, 2007

feeling abit beh song lo...

haha, heineken christmas tree,(actually it's not heineken, a reader corrected that it is grolsch!) taken from here

oh well, sometimes i just don't really like those people who sort of force you to do things you don't like to do. a very gud example for me - drink beer.

actually it's a mystery to me why people like to drink beer, taste so bitter, why choose bitter if you can choose sweet? like coca cola? furthermore, we are not living in temparate country whereby we need to drink beer to keep warm.

anyway, i was attending my company annual dinner, as i went to the toilet, i got "pulled" to sit down on a table and drink beer. during that sort of situation it's very hard to reject or to tell them that i don't drink beer. (damn, i hate it)

so oh well, what the heck, i quickly finish half a small cup that one of my colleage poured me. i was thinking to finish it off quickly and quickly ran off. but right after i finish it, a boss who's sitting at the table, say, hey...i haven't give a toast to you yet...then he poured me another cup.

i was like...oh shit...i say i cannot lar...but then all others say drink lar..drink lar with their devils horn poppping out. the second was much more difficult for me, as the bitterness from the first cup is still in my throat. but i eventually finish it and as i set off, another boss at the table try to toast me another cup.

but i quickly decline,shaking my hand and head. and to be more dramatic, i even used hand language showing a cut throat sign. hmm...thinking back, i think this sign language is quite effective, haha, should use it next time.

after that as i return to my seat, my face started to turn red and hot. and started to feel abit dizzy but i'm still consious. the worst feeling is that i feel abit like almost want to vomit but cannot vomit. oh...and thanks to the beer, i lose my appetite for the night.

sign...i should have been more firm and rejected them and show them the cut throat sign language next time.

although i know that it's a socializing way for people to drink beer and to get business, but hey, not everyone like it. example lar,the durian theory: if you like to eat durian, it doesn't mean that all people like to eat durian.

so please do respect others that are non alchoholic.

for me so far, if i want to give face, half a cup is almost limit, if you want me to drink more...haha sorry cannot. drinking beer is definitely not my cup of tea.


  1. is sweet when u hav de right company and in de rite mood..and its bitter when u drink it to drown ur sorrow..juz tell them u r drivin mr.bean...drink slowly not one go...unless u can tahan not being dizzy...haha ^-^


  2. er, la, i think i naturally prefer sweet thing compare to bitter thing. i also don't like to eat bitter gourd:P

    haha, they just say nevermind la, one cup only. give me some face mah....ngaiti.. i tot you drink slowly would be more bitter le.

  3. drink slowly wont get drunk ma...haha...u one go..very fast to peng one..beside, i dun take bitter gourd too =p

  4. haha, if i take it slowly it would be more painful and hard for me, so rather prefer it to bitter one time rather than bitter many time.

    or better, no bitter at all, drink coca-cola:)

    actually i don't really like this drink beer culture. but it's a part of grown-ups society...sign...

  5. Hey man ...
    Glad your ok.
    You drink in half shot half shot per go really did you in. :)

  6. Happy New Year 2008 :)

  7. haha happy new year to u2...

    oh...not the band U2, it's you too. >_<

    almost feel abit like vomit as i can feel tat it's spinning inside and kennot get out.

    i even went to sing a few songs at k-box after tat in an physcological attempt to sort of clear up my throat and esofagus.

    anyway, i would remember this lesson for a long time;)

  8. It is no heineken, but grolsch! There is no tree on the internet whit heineken

  9. oh yeah..i didnt' notice that! if i zoom in the picture the wordings are not heineken! i got mislead too, thanks for the correction.