Tuesday, December 25, 2007

it's been a while~

image taken from here

the picture above is Team Shohoku, it is the main team of a very popular basketball manga called "Slam Dunk"

this is the link to my old post in frienster about slam dunk.

it's been a while since i played basketball, actually i've forgotten when is the last time i even touch basketball, 1 year ago? 2 year ago? ahha, makes me a bit pai seh (embarassed) to say that basketball is one my hobbies.

just that to play basketball it's a bit harder as you need to find basketball court, have basketball and a few players to play. i really miss the time when i'm in my old house whereby my dad set up a basketball net for me and almost every evening i would play basketball with my neighbours.(thanks dad!)

anyway, last sunday my friend suddenly called me to play basketball at a park at arang road, so thinking that it's really been a while since i lasted played and i miss it so much, i quickly agreed.

i reach there high spiritly and to my amazement i scored my first two short. oh...i was thinking, not bad, seems like i haven't loose my touch:P

as we played 3 on 3 with other people, and as the game progress. i started to get tired and so my accuracy gradually drops untill i scored air ball too many times. argghh.. kek tiok. and we played 3 rounds loose three round.

i think playing basketball is more tiring and stamina consuming than badminton as you need to run a bigger space. and i think playing badminton is easier as it would require less thing in order to be played. haha i think that's why this few years became lazy to play basketball.

anyway i hope in hope i would have more chance to play again in future.

haha, tat's all for now:)

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