Saturday, December 29, 2007

christmas DIY project round two my disapointment, it was a guy who received the gift. ngaiti....maybe recently i didn't do enough charity so this happen to me.

aiyo, it makes me abit beh song, but what to do, aii...i think i wouldn't do a DIY gift for present exchange liao next time. although that guy was very suprised also that he received a DIY gift, but nevertheless, you wouldn't feel so good if a guy received it compare to a girl, which would cherish it more.

but then i have another chance as i would be meeting up with a fren of mine, who happens to be a leng lui and likes DIY also. (haha, i send my first DIY christmas to her last time)

making another mini christmas tree is too time consuming so i decided to make a simple stand instead:P

at first i thought of cutting the green sponge again into christmas tree shape and sticking it on the stand, but later i find it difficult to cut the green sponge into a small size christmas tree shape. so i decided to draw it on a piece of paper and cut and stick it up instead.

i thought of drawing santa, but i couldn't manage to draw a cute looking santa, so i try out drawing reindeer and eh...i think it's not bad also. at least it looks much more cuter than the santa i drawn.

and also not forgeting to add some inspirational words at the back, this sentence is copied from a DIY card from technographic

when i saw this sentence i found it to be quite meaningful and i quickly take note of it. haha, hope it would you guys some inspirations or encouragement too.

finally, merry jingle bells number two from me:)

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