Sunday, December 9, 2007

technographic saberkas closing...sob....sob...T_T

i passed by technographic saberkas last week and saw that they're having stock clearance sale from 1st december 2007 to 1st January 2008... i ask a fren of mine who's working there and it seems that they're moving back to their HQ in rubber road. the current shop lot in saberkas shall be rent to a computer company.

aiyo, although they're having stock clearance discounts (oh guys, they're selling it off cheap, go there and get it!), but i still feel abit sad lo. cos last time i used to spend alot of time in technographic doing DIY stuff and school art projects. now kenot no more:(

my relationship with technographic started back in my secondary school days. my fren who's working there happens to be my fren's girlfren's sister. so that how i get to know her. My fren's who's working there is very frenly and helpful. so along with my other frens, we used to go there alot to do art projects, (haha where else can you find a shop that let you use their place to do your art work without charges? , oh it was last time, now cannot:P)

my fren would also give discount when i buy stuff from time to time. she also become my mentor of DIY projects and sometimes i would go there to seek her advice, or seek inspirations or discuss art stuff with her. i think if there's no technographic as a standing stone, i may not love to do DIY stuff as much as i like today.

so as a token of gratitude i'm now writing this post and do a free promotion for them. so do drop by, cos i think in future to drop by their rubber road HQ is abit off the way for me, not as convinient as it is in saberkas.

this is what i bought from the sales, haha i know it's little, i bought the picutre colour paper as i think it looks nice and maybe would have future use. i bought the metalic gold pen as i also think got future use in doing art work. i got a silver one previously also bought from technographic.'s really sad. it's like a small little part of me being taken away. my fren there also feel reluctant to move. aii... can't say anything more...aii...aiii...aii...

i really gona miss da place.


  1. really??? wowo, when they are closing?? haha, i have memories there too, i shud say we have nice memories there........, a gud art fren....well....too bad they are closing down. Really too bad, i wont be there before it closed down. So is Shelly gona work in rubber road dy??/
    ANyway, send my regards to her lah, n help me take her hp num if you still pass by there. TQ

  2. haha yalo, spend so much time there, cutting and painting polistalin, making cards....

    it's sorta fun and u get da sense of satisfaction after you finsih an art work and u get ur hands dirty with paint, haha.

    yeah, she'll be in rubber road. yeah sure, i'll get her hp no if i pass by.