Monday, February 18, 2008

rooftop discovery

haha, i was doing my cny cleaning then i discovered something on my rooftop.

it was a CD. i was like come there's a CD on my rooftop? how did it get there? someone threw the CD up there? or some cat grab the CD and put up there? (btw, i got a few wild cats who always drop by behind my house)

so i opened up my rail window and carefully climb out of the window and walk on the roof to get the CD. The CD as expected is scratched. the front cover got two picture of 2 woman. just by looking i don't know the content of the CD, but i feel abit suspicious.

then late at night alone, as i played the CD, first thing i saw is a scene of a woman sitting on a bed being interviewed by a cameraman. immediately i know what the content is about. as i fastforward to confirm, i was right, but the quality and overall performance is unfortunately not up to par, i watch one time dun feel like wanting to watch another time>_<

haha, just how often can this happen? to discover a CD on your rooftop?

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