Monday, February 11, 2008


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ar...cj7 or chang jiang seven, the latest movie by steven chow. sad to say, it's a dissapointment for me.

before this i've seen some magazine reviews saying how good it is. but after i seen it, i feel very disappointed. compare to his last movie, kung fu. i think this time the quality dropped alot. maybe becos it has less comedy or steven wants to find a different or new movie style.

although there are still some funny and touching moments but the overall story does not satisfy me. more disappointed is that steven took 2 years to prepare for this movie. i feel that his old movies is much more better. since kung fu, i think he relied abit too much on the computer graphics to generate those looney tune style cartoon humour.

i think his own acting style of humour is special and enough already. or maybe it's because he is coming to an age and it would not look right for him to perform those funny acts anymore. hmm..i don't know, what do you guys think?

i told alot of people that this movie is not good. haha, you need to see it for yourself and you'll know how dissappointed it is.

i hope his next one would be better.

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