Friday, February 22, 2008

old frens gathering

meet with up a fren who didn't met for 4 years. wah... so long. he was my form 4 neighbour.

since he came back to kuching, so he invited us a few bunch of secondary school frens out for a gathering. haha, it's glad to know that when we talk, he still kept some of his behaviours, including the bad words he use is still the same,haha.

haha, as the night goes on, whereby it's all guy's gathering, some dirty jokes are prone to pop up and we have a gud time laughing our heads out:P

there's always those safe and secure feeling and warmth when i'm with my bunch of secondary school frens, each others familiarities of knowing each other for so long. hmm...i think tat's an irreplacable bonds. hmm...i think this would be similiar to Naruto's konoha ninja bond>_<

oh...i din take photo tat's a pic that i dug up from old photobooks.

haha such age of innocense, when i look back:)

hmm...they say i still look the same...haha

all the best, my frens, in your future, wish that all you will be happy and heatlhy, safe and sound. gambate kudasai~


  1. hahaha its owes nice to gather wif old frens again...

    btw the pic is so funny..esp lawrence's hairstyle..keke..

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  3. haha yalo>_<

    haha, how's da chocolate?

  4. haha, nen very suprise to see u here.

    yup, tat's the young and innocent you, haha.