Friday, February 29, 2008

cars, football, handphone...

i duno why, most guys like cars,footballs, handphones, but i don't.

haha, does that mean that i'm weird or i'm special? different interest? or this just proves that the fact not every people are the same. people even say that cars is men's second wife, but really so far i dun think so...or perhaps i haven bought my own car yet? so no feelings develope for them yet haha.

i just know them enough for my own usage,maintenance knowledge and for some topics to talk about. i also don't enjoy driving fast. haha, among my frens, i'm the slowest driver>_<. but one thing i like about driving is to drive slowy,eat,and listen to music. but that is considered like to drive, not liking the car itself.

oh except for one car, i sort of like volkswagen beetle as i think the shape is very cute. haha but just like only, don't have any ambition to want it yet.

about football, i just watch during world cup, because it's unavoidable during that season ahah. i prefered basketball actually. they are many reason why i like basketball more than football, the court is smaller(so less running around), the pace and speed is faster (so no need to wait long time to score a point), and playing in court is much more cleaner than football field. i hate the feeling of sinking my whole feet into muddy field, haha primary school bad experience!

i remember in my primary school days whereby i played football my short's pocket got torn. ngaiti...i end up have to hold my bag very close to me the whole day to cover up.

haha, somehow, my legs are not very good at kicking balls, haha only good at kicking people. hmmm....if i know martial art and football, does that i mean that i would be good at kicking people's ball ? >_<

here's a video of some cool moves from both football and basketball from youtube: offence, football lovers, but after i watch the video, although i think the football tricks is very fancy but i think they still lack the power of slam dunk:)

when my frens talk about the latest handphone models, the only thing i can do is to nod nod nod... gosh among the three, my general knowledge of handphone is the worst. cos usually i just use the most basic type of handphone. just talk and sms, no cameras and others.

behold my nokia handphone.

one thing great about it is that it's very durable. no matter how many times it drop, even till the extend when the whole pieces come off, when i put it back, it still can be used:)

i don't fancy expensive handphone as i don't really have a need for those function at the moment, furthermore i'm very clumsy with my handphone, always drop one. if buy expensive handphone, sure die. beside, less ppl would want to steal old handphones.

haha, but i think, more social purpose, i really should increase my knowledge on this field. maybe that's also one of the reason why it would took me some time to get to know some guys,haha, especially if their top hobbies is the above three.

hmm..i really need to work hard.


  1. We all went through that "stage" of life. I didn't like cars either when I was your age now, but immediately loved it when I got the Kenari. Supposedly your fellow colleagues also play some part in helping me developing that boy racer interest. As much I love driving fast, but the main thing is still drive safely, responsibly and not with the intention to cause grievous bodily harm to anyone. =)

    Sometimes when I am feeling down, the only way for me to get away from it, is to floor the pedal on a straight line. The need for speed gives that adrenalin rush that helps you forget the painful things in life.

    On the other hand, I don't really fancy .. fancy high tech phones. :) As long the phone can have long talk time, can send sms and not too bulky, it's fine with me already.

    Football lei .. hehe is like a chess played on grass. On tv, it's like grown men, kicking a ball from one part of the pitch to another. But it's much more than that. The tactical strategy that is employed by both opposing team is a beauty to behold when you able to understand it. To like football, you have to have team to support or someone you idolize in football. You can say that they are the modern day heroes that carry the hopes of their supporters to glory.

  2. haha, thanks for the insightful comments.

    yeah, i suppose you'll only appreciate cars when you start to pay for it yourself every month. arhh....the pain in your wallet would force you to love it..>_<

    haha, if u like the adrenalin rush, do u like roller coaster then? or bungee jump? or that is too rush?

    yeah, my friend told me the same thing that to like football, you've got to have a team you like.

    but strangely i got some interest when it comes to reading japanese football comics in which when they explained the strategy used.

    haha, but i think it's also my liking of strategy games overall, because i enjoy to see how each tactics can overcome one another.

  3. Roller coaster and bungee hia .. no lo. Because those are the kind of adrenalin that you are not in control with.