Tuesday, February 26, 2008

suddenly feel like a girl>_<

well...i have a tendency to put alot of things in my cloth's pocket especially when i work. pens, keys, tissue papers, notes, coins... all those things that are convinient to me. but then when i bent down, all those things in my pocket would drop off. so in order to prevent so from happening, i started to develope a habit of using my hand to cover the pocket when i bent down.

then i suddenly realize...

girls would always do one action when they bent down, they would use one hand to cover the opening of their clothes to prevent some "not for display" thing for others to see.

suddenly i realize that this habit i picked up would make me look like a girl! >_<

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...!!! oh no!


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  2. no, i don't want to clikc here or here.

    please don't provide unsecure link in the comments section.

  3. hahha walao... u scare jou guang meh??

  4. nola....if i don't use hand to cover up my cloth's pocket when i bend down, all the things in my pocket would drop on the floor.

    not becos of scare jou guang, but tis action (use hand to cover pocket) make me like scare of jou guang.