Friday, February 8, 2008

starstruck cny:)'s not everyday you can get this>_<

i've met up with 张栋梁 at his house on cny visiting, cos i happen to know her sis. the real person doesn't look as tall as it is on tv. when i greet and shake his hand... i feel very starstruck.. i think i got stunned for half a second and i look at him and say "wah...好不习惯" (not getting used to it). he just smiled.

as i sit down and i looked at him walking around the house. i still find it hard to believe it. it's as he come out from the tv>_<. although i admit i'm not such as big fan of him, but nevertheless, i still have the starstruck feeling.

maybe becos i shake hands with him, i obtained a little luck when playing black jack later. i use one ringgit and won ten ringgit. but in the end, i think the power faded and finally i lost up five ringgit:(

haha, now i have something to hao lian (show off) to my frens.
here a youtube music video of him, this song is the song from him that i like the most.

hehe, i almost forgot, happy new year~ everyone. may this rat year brings you alot of gud health and happiness:)

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