Wednesday, February 20, 2008

stuck in words...

something funny to share with you guys.
i went to a regular eating place with my colleages for lunch today at BDC point one food court. (where they serve the best curry rice i've eaten so far)

as a waitress (who's quite familiar with us) come and take drinks order, i realize that she change her hairstyle. being realize that girls would feel happy if other people notice and complement on their new hairstyle, i told her in mandarin "wah~, new hairstyle!". but apparently, she don't understand mandarin as she's indonesian chinese. then i told her in english "new hairstyle". but she also don't know.

i know she speaks hakka, but at that moment i couldn't think of how to say hairstyle in hakka. i got lost and stuck in words... it was pretty embarrassing, i feel like a chicken talking to a duck>_<. from her expression, i think she thought i say that there's something wrong with her hair or something instead.

i quickly give up and say "tak apa, tak apa" (nothing, nothing).

i told my other colleage who arrive later, n he said i've should have just told her "rambut kamu cantik" (your hair looks beautiful).

haha, so simple yet so difficult.


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